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Reka has been a staple in the Tri-Cities community for 3 years. She has created quite a name and following of loyal listeners for herself in Tri-Cities and did so very quickly. She holds the #1 slot for People’s Choice, Best Radio Personality Award, two years running! She has ties to the community, including an elementary school named after her Grandmother (Virgie Robinson Elementary in Pasco). She purchased a home and engrained herself into the area by volunteering at her Grandmother’s school to read with bi-lingual children, amongst other things + it’s helping her learn Spanish. Listeners of the Power 99.1 morning show, have been quoted as saying: "Reka is very positive" "I look up to her independence" "she's funny" "she wakes me up every morning” and even “I love you Reka”. The community has come together and supported her 'Power Kids' clothing drive for the past 3 years and it continues to grow as she helps children in need in our community time and time again! Reka has been in radio for 10+ years and has made it her goal to make at least 1 person laugh a day because “laughter is the best medicine for getting through life”. 

Reka hails from Seattle, WA; home of the Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks. She began her broadcasting career at Howard University where she received a Bachelor's Degree in TV Production. Reka’s radio career began at Howard University's WHBC. Hired to host 'Hidden Hits' with DJ Kofi! WHBC is a student run radio station heard in the DC Market and through-out all TVs on the campus of Howard University.
After graduation Reka began her first commercial radio gig at 106.1 KISS FM in Seattle, under the direction of Marcus D. Najera. Reka was on air Midnight - 5am most nights but slowly made her way to the daylight on air. She became the 'Streets Diva', where she drove around Seattle in the KISS bug and gave away prizes on the afternoon show and was co-host with Tyler in the afternoon slot, on occasion. An Indianapolis opportunity came up where Tim Raiyne (Rayne) who was the PD at WNOU 2008, liked her sound and gave her a shot. You could hear Reka in Indianapolis on RadioNOW 100.9; 10am - 2pm for 5 years. She gives credit to radio personality Kristin ‘the island’ girl (Middays; HOT 103.7 Seattle) and Tyler (Afternoons; B96 Chicago) for helping her find her radio voice!
Reka Currently Endorses: Mattress Firm, Lance Kenmore Realty, Zerorez Carpet Cleaning, Lynx Healthcare, Complete Nutrition and Hapo Community Credit Union


Fabian was born and raised in the Tri-Cities. His love for radio began as a kid growing up in East Pasco listening to Power 99.1. He began his career in radio in 2014 as a part-timer/morning show intern who just never really went away. Now he gets to co-host the Just Me Reka Show on the very station he grew up listening to and wouldn’t have it any other way! He brings Spanish flavor to the morning show with stories of Tri-Cities living and growing up in a Mexican household.

Fabian recently married his girlfriend from Los Angeles after being in a long distance relationship. You'll hear his stories on what it's like to be a newlywed and his new married life. He's not afraid of sharing his life on-air, through social media and is always looking to influence his community and listeners to work hard at achieving their goals, through his experience and good moral code. 







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